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I've decided that dispite the and stuff name the focus of this site was too narrow. I will write about tech in general instead of only ubuntu. Also i will be using blogger. Oringinally this was only a test of weebly. Its interface is very user friendly but it has limited capabilities. Feel free to chech out maketecheasier.blogspot.com. I think I will move the still valid posts as well.

Sorry for the brief and scattered post, however i have other things to work on.
Ubuntu 10.04 has been officially released and although it marks a major milestone in Ubuntu evolution, it comes with a few bugs. An unforeseen boot error has created a hassle for users who dual boot. This sneaky problem caused

Compiz Fusion opens up a whole new field of possibilities for ubuntu. Appearance has always been a nagging problem in ubuntu. With 10.04's new look and compiz's appealing eye candy, one more major issue in ubuntu will soon be solved. All you have to do now is install it. Read on to learn how to install compiz fusion and all it's glory.

There are many reasons why Vista is better than Ubuntu. For those of you who think that Linux is terrible and Windows rocks, here is my say on why Ubuntu is better than Windows.

I have spent a long time (maybe too long) searching for free online file storage. I have put together a list of the top six best file storage sites. As always they are all completely free or at least have a reasonable free option. Here is a list of sites offering free service. No Trials or mandatory upgrades.  They are arranged from least to most storage, although usability seemed to go in the same order. Scroll down to the bottom or click HERE for a quick table comparison of all five.

If Ubuntu has any chance of becoming a serious option for everyone, it will need a few improvements. One of them is easy to use support for apple's iPhone. Apple sold 37 million iPhones and iPod touches last year. That is a lot of people who cant use Ubuntu or any distribution of Linux for that matter. Luckily Lucid Lynx brings a solution. Ubuntu 10.04 now has native iPhone and iPod Touch support right out of the box.