Compiz Fusion opens up a whole new field of possibilities for ubuntu. Appearance has always been a nagging problem in ubuntu. With 10.04's new look and compiz's appealing eye candy, one more major issue in ubuntu will soon be solved. All you have to do now is install it. Read on to learn how to install compiz fusion and all it's glory.

Compiz Fusion Takes a faily good graphics card to run. If you know you can handle compiz fusion run the following in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-plugins emerald

Once that completes you will need to enable effects, go to
System ---> Preferences ---> Appearance and click on the visual effects tab.
Make sure Extra is enabled and close the window
Next Goto System-->Preferences-->CompizConfig Settings Manager
Enable the effects you like and configure them to your satisfaction.

Thats It's your done, enjoy another amazing feature in ubuntu.

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