If Ubuntu has any chance of becoming a serious option for everyone, it will need a few improvements. One of them is easy to use support for apple's iPhone. Apple sold 37 million iPhones and iPod touches last year. That is a lot of people who cant use Ubuntu or any distribution of Linux for that matter. Luckily Lucid Lynx brings a solution. Ubuntu 10.04 now has native iPhone and iPod Touch support right out of the box.

Version alpha 3 has issues still such as the automatic pop up. It will say it's a camera, then an iPhone, then a camera again, however i assume this will be fixed in the final release on April 29th.The Nautilus file manager can browse and access files, but that's really not too interesting to the average user. What does matter is that Rythmbox can play your tunes right from your iPhone or Touch. But pair that with the Ubuntu One Music Store, and it's clear that Lucid is well on its way to becoming an extremely consumer-friendly distro. In my opinion Ubuntu is fast becoming the most user-friendly and versatile of the Linux distros, and offering iPhone/iPod touch support only makes it even more user-friendly.

In response to a comment below, Yes. Lucid will allow users to view the iPod's file system and as long as files are compatible, will work just fine on the iPod. The iPod will not play apps that require the iPod to be jailbroken (unless it's Jailbroken) because it will not recognize them. It will NOT sync contacts with the cable however there are other ways of doing that. I hope this helps anyone with questions, but you can all thank raul for this.
4/1/2010 06:13:11 pm

i use my ipod touch NOT ONLY for music.
i use it for videos, apps, photos, podcasts.

so, does ubuntu iphone/ipod touch support cover these also?

4/2/2010 03:22:52 am

Thank you for your comment raul.
We have reviewed our post and we hope it now satisfies your questions.

8/6/2010 10:24:53 am

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