Ubuntu 10.04 has been officially released and although it marks a major milestone in Ubuntu evolution, it comes with a few bugs. An unforeseen boot error has created a hassle for users who dual boot. This sneaky problem caused
GRUB2 not to recognize any other OS installed on the system. If you do not dual boot this issue is minor however Ubuntu geeks everywhere are working hard to solve this issue without the need for an Ubuntu 10.05. This issue has been marked as a "major/critical  bug" despite the fact it can be easily fixed by running update-grub in a terminal.

"Last week they were then hit by a serious memory leaking issue within the X.Org Server, which fortunately has now been fixed in time for the release. But now we are onto a new issue. Rather than the Canonical crew and Ubuntu developers around the world spending today celebrating the release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, they are busy re-spinning some of the ISOs due to a new "critical" bug
From : Phoronix.com
3/15/2011 11:43:11 am

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